Depending on the affiliate program you work with, you will have several options to receive your conversions back into your TrackingDesk account.

  1. Image pixel with parameter - To be used only if your affiliate network is capable of passing a value into the pixel parameter. Values that pass through this pixel are:

    - Conversion ID

    - Conversion value

  2. Image pixel - The easiest tracking method, but relies on cookies and doesn't pass custom variable such as revenues.

  3. Server 2 server tracking also called "postback tracking" - Very precise as it is server based and fires when the affiliate program you work with registers an event, such as: a lead, install, acquisition, sale.

Values that pass with this tracking methods are:

- Conversion ID

- Conversion Value

Note that affiliate programs running on the following technologies have been predefined and their server pixels are pre-formatted so you can simply copy / paste the codes from TrackingDesk to the affiliate program without having to modify the parameters and values.

- Cake

- LinkTrust

- CellXpert

Note also that affiliate programs running on Cake and CellXpert support a global server pixel, which means that you will have to place the pixel only once at the level of your account, as opposed to having to do it for each offer.

For each of the brands/offers you add into TrackingDesk, you will be able to add one or many conversions and each of those conversions will have an associated tracking method.

We strongly recommend to use the Postback URL, which is more precise and doesn't rely on cookies that can be deleted by users. They also allow for better attribution when a conversion funnel has multiple steps.

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