Affiliate networks' pixel tracking & postback URL's are located under each of the affiliate networks set in your TrackingDesk account.
As you will see below, our postback URL is composed of several parameters. Each of these parameters have set functions.

Important information:
The postback URL are created when the affiliate network and/or offer is created in your account. Therefore, it's only after saving an affiliate network that you will access the postback url's or image pixels. 

The Structure of the (conversion URL) Postback URL:{event_id}&a={amount}&_tdhop=1

Base domain url:

UserID: Your unique identifier


Server file: A file sitting on our server


Affiliate Network ID: Unique id of the specific affiliate network in your account


Offer ID: Unique ID of the specific offer set in your account


Conversion step: a conversion step associated with such offer


Conversion id: this is where the affiliate network injects our event_id back


NB: {event_id} is our default placeholder, which has to be replaced by the placeholder of the affiliate network. Ex: hasoffers = {aff_sub}, maxbounty = #S1#

Commission: This is where the affiliate network injects the commission amount


  1. Predefined Conversions:
    b. Click on the 'Affiliate Network's tab.
    b. Select an affiliate network from the list by checking the box to its left.
    c. Hit the 'Edit' Button.
    d. The global Postback URL will show on the lower part of the page. 

2. Offer specific postback URL:
a. Edit the Affiliate Network

b. Edit the offer to display the Postback URL

c. Copy the Postback URL

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