In this article we will explain you how to setup a campaign with your squeeze page(s) and track opt-ins. A squeeze page is by definition an asset that belongs to you and that doesn't promote a specific offer. You use a squeeze page to collect leads, to which you will promote some offers.

A. CREATE THE AFFILIATE NETWORK ENTITY (We call it affiliate network because you normally promote an affiliate network, even-though it's "your" offer).

1. Add an affiliate network - You don't need to select a specific tracking technology or affiliate program and you will notice that by default our system will pass our {event_id} in your tracking link. If you are using Google Analytics on your squeeze page, you might want to add "UTM" parameters, such as utm_source, utm_medium etc... to the tracking template please follow the instructions you will find here.

2. Add an Offer - Give it the name, category and set the conversion to CPL and copy the "global pixel" in your clipboard

3. Add an offer link- Put the URL of your squeeze page

4. Set your conversion pixel - Paste your conversion pixel in your thank you page html code

B. CREATE A CAMPAIGN (The very same process as when you create a campaign with an other offer)

  1. Define the campaign settings - Traffic Source, Geo, Category, Fallback, Rules, Cost
  2. Search for the asset(s) you wish to promote (i.e. Squeeze Page(s))
  3. Add the asset to the campaign and save the campaign
  4. Copy the Campaign URL to your clipboard and send it to your traffic sources or set it in the self service platform of the traffic source.

NB: If you want to check if the conversion works, you need to first click on the campaign URL and follow the complete funnel - click, opt-in, thank you page. It is not enough to just load the "thank you" page.

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