This article describes the process to add Commission Junction Affiliate Network in your TrackingDesk Account.
If you don't have an account with CJ you can open one here.

1. Add an affiliate network

2. Select from the drop down menu CJ
You will see that their subid will has been configured.

3. Add an offer

4. Configure your offer
Name, GEO, Category

5. Conversion Steps (your postback URL / Server to Server tracking URL)
Upon Saving the offer, the Postback URL will appear.

6. Save & Add an Offer Link
NB: Add the offer link as provided by CJ. Do not add &sid= at the end of the URL as this is added automatically by TrackingDesk

7. Save - You will be redirected to the main screen of CJ affiliate nework
8. Copy your Postback URL and send it to your CJ account manager.

CJ doesn't  provide a way for you to add the postback url to your affiliate account, so you need to contact their support team which will do it after they've tested the postback URL.

9. Create a test campaign in your TrackingDesk account where you add the CJ offer link to the campaign. (follow the steps)

10. Head to your CJ affiliate account & Click on the Support Center link
11. Click the "ask a question" button
12. What to write to avoid any misunderstandings and back/forth emails
Subject: Server to server tracking
Content: Add my server to server URL to the offer "XXX"
Paste the postback URL: (it is preconfigured, so no need to make any changes){url(sid)}&a={commissionUsd}&_tdhop=1

Paste the test Campaign URL: (they will need this to test the postback URL)

Case reason: Publisher Tracking
Sub Reason: S2S

13. Send

They will make a test conversion which will show on your TrackingDesk account.

Their Support Team is very professional and responds fast, so if you follow the process you should not encounter any frictions and you should be up and running within hours.

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