If you work with an affiliate programs that runs on the Hasoffers (Tune) affiliate platform, you will have the ability to quickly and seamlessly pull all your offers and tracking links in your TrackingDesk account. Conversion and revenues generated by campaigns running through TrackingDesk will be automatically pulled in your TrackingDesk account and will be displayed in your analytics.

Note that you can watch the video showing how to connect your affiliate account with TrackingDesk via the API.

Deep integration:
We have fully integrated Hasoffers technology via their affiliate API. So if you have an affiliate account with a network powered by Hasoffers, you can either pick the affiliate network name through the Predefined drop down menu or via the Tracking Technology drop down menu. For instance, if your account is with AffiliateNetworkXXX which isn't in the predefined drop down menu but you know they run on Hasoffers, you can simply pick Hasoffers in the Tracking Technology drop down menu and the API Key and network ID fields will appear.

The API integration peforms the following tasks:
Import offers and associated information

  1. Offer Name
  2. Conversions + payout
  3. Geo-Target
  4. Category

2. Import offer links

  1. Link's name
  2. Geo-target
  3. Offer links

3. Import conversions and revenues generated by campaigns running through TrackingDesk


To integrate your affiliate account in TrackingDesk please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your affiliate account.
  2. Go to the "Tools" menu.
  3. Click the API link (API V3).

4. If you do not have an API key yet, click the "request API" button.

>> an alphanumeric sequence will appear (this is your API key) and the network ID will appear.

>> if the API doesn't appear automatically, it means that your affiliate manager should manually approve the API request. 

5. Copy and paste both the API key and the Network ID into the relevant fields.

6. Hit the 'Save' button and an import notification will show up.

7. Shortly after, you will see on the right panel all the offers and offer links.

NB: You can enter each entity to see the links, payouts, categories and allow GEO-target.

Please follow this article to setup Hasoffers manualy (no API)

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