The Cake Marketing software is very popular in the affiliate marketing industry, which is why we have predefined their tracking template in TrackingDesk.

Step by step guide to add a program running on Cake Marketing Software

  1. Go to the affiliate networks Tab

2. Add an affiliate network
3. Fill in the name of the affiliate network (if you don't find it in the list of predefined networks)
4. Select the Tracking Technology - Cake

5. You will notice that the tracking template appears where are shown the parameters that we will pass into your offer links.

NB: You can remove the s3, s4, s5 variable if you wish so, but the s2 variable can't be edited, as it is required to pass the event_id which will be associated with the conversions.

6. Add an offer.

7. Set the offer details - name, category, allowed / targeted countries

8. The PostBack URL is predefined and looks like:
  • #s2# : the placeholder used to pass the event_id
  • #price# : the placeholder used to place your commission value.

NB: It is important that you do not modify a single character of the PostBack URL as it might break the tracking.

9. Copy the PostBack URL in your clipboard and paste it in the "Testing & Tracking" tab under the offer you just added and save it.
Remember: the postback URL is pre-formatted so you do not need to add or modify any of the parameters

10. Save the offer and add an offer link

11. Add an offer link. Fill the offer link name, set it's properties - category, countries, set the offer link URL and save the creative.

NB: It is important that you do not modify, the link provided by the affiliate program and that the s2 parameter doesn't show on the URL. If the S1 parameter is in the link, you can leave it there as it doesn't affect the tracking

13. Save the affiliate network.

You are all set!

Global Postback:

Cake supports global postback, which means that one postback provided can work with all the offers you provide. It comes very handy when you promote many offers. However, the global postback can only be placed in your account by your affiliate manager.

The Global Postback can be found here:

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