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  • How to add your Instapage landing page into TrackingDesk.
  • How to configure your Instapage Landing Page for TrackingDesk
  • How to create a campaign with a landing page.

Instapage is the most powerful landing page builder used by affiliates. To set up your Instapage landing page in TrackingDesk is an easy and intuitive process which can be done in a matter of minutes.

No matter if you have multiple offer links or one, the simple process will allow you to rotate landing pages and set rules so you can have more control over your traffic.

Assuming that you have already built your landing page, here's how to add it to TrackingDesk:

1. Head to the "Assets" Tab and hit "Add a Landing Page" button. Name your landing page, put in the landing page URL in TrackingDesk, and copy the CTA URL onto your clipboard.

2. Complete the remaining fields such as countries and targeting rules. After completing them, press save.

3. Paste the URL into your Landing Page CTA button.

How to Set Up a Campaign With Your Landing Page

After making and adding your Instapage landing page to your assets, you're ready to launch your campaign with it. The process of setting up a campaign takes a matter of minutes and packs a lot of power to get the highest conversion rate possible:

  1. Click on the "Campaigns" tab and click on "Create a New Campaign".

2. Define which traffic source the campaign is being set up and define all other fields such as geo-target and categories.

3. Set the campaign cost.

How to Add Your Landing Page to the campaign

1. Tick the "landing page" check box, select the country, and press the "Search" button.

2. Choose the relevant landing page to add it to your campaign. Click the "Add Selected Assets to Campaign" button.

3. Add a destination URL to your CTA by clicking the small blue box next to the "x" sign. After clicking on it a screen will pop up and you should then press the button that says "Add Destination".

4. Associate your landing page with the offer link you want your visitors to go to by using the the drop down menu. After, press the "Close" button.

5. Now your landing page is associate with a specific offer. Save your campaign and Test the campaign URL on your browser to make sure you have done the process correctly.

Call to Action and Landing Page Features and Functions

There are many call to action and landing page features that should be used to their fullest extent. Each of the features provide you with more control over your traffic and can further help you optimize your campaign:

  • Landing page rotation- If you decide to create multiple landing pages, you can rotate them according to geo target and rules. Having the ability to rotate them, will help you redirect your visitors to an offer that is most relevant to them and lift your conversions.
  • Redirect to one or many offers- Another unique feature is that you are able to put 200 CTA buttons on each landing page. Each of these CTA buttons can contain multiple offer links which you control based on rules you set for each of them. Controlling your offer links will let you have even more control over your traffic giving you more power to lead visitors to conversions and eliminate page bounces.
  • Use the same landing page for other campaigns- Instead of re-creating a new landing page for a different campaign, you can simply use the same one as before but change the offers they go to.

Analytics- How Both Platforms Work Together

Instapage and TrackingDesk have analytics that can give you the data you need to make very informed decisions to decide to scale up or not. Each platform gives you different tools to also optimize your best landing pages to lift conversion.

Instapage gives you the ability to see the conversion rate, unique visitors and conversions on each variation of your landing page. Based on your results you can decide how you want to split your traffic.

Below you're able to see how your conversion rate has imporved over time on their analytics graphic.

With TrackingDesk analytics you're able to furthermore check your landing page performance. Within the dashboard you can see:

  • Visits/landing page hits- See which landing page has the most traffic and from where to optimize and/or scale up your campaign.
  • Clicks/CTA hits- See which CTA gets the most clicks so you can increase its weight and redirect traffic according to rules.
  • Conversions- See which landing page produce the highest conversions to scale up and further optimize it.
  • Revenues- See cost, profit, and revenue to immediately decide which campaigns to scale up on and others to stop.


Both platforms bring different strengths together to give you the leverage needed to launch successful campaigns. Instapage makes it easy to create effective landing pages quickly while tracking your conversion rate on their easy to read analytics dashboard. In conjunction with TrackingDesk, you're able to get more actionable data, optimize landing pages and campaigns, and scale up when needed.

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