There could be several reasons why you (when testing a link) or your visitors can reach a blank page. In order to avoid such cases, we have developed the "fallback" feature, which redirects the visitors to offer links that are not in your campaign settings, but exists in your TrackingDesk account. Using this feature, it guarantees that the visitors reach a relevant offer link, regardless of their settings and location.

Yet, even with the Global Campaign Fallback setting, there are still cases where you (when testing) or your visitors can reach a blank page when hitting the campaign URL:

  1. Standard errors

    Active vs Inactive: Each entity in your account has an "active / inactive" status. Traffic Sources, Affiliate networks, offers, offer links and landing pages. By default the status is set to active.
    This status is useful when you have an offer that runs in dozens of campaigns and you would like to stop it without having to remove it in each campaign separately.
    Blank page cases:
    - Campaign is "inactive"
    - Traffic Source is "inactive"
    - Affiliate network is "inactive"
    - Offer is "inactive"
    - Landing page is "inactive"

    NB: Specific offer links can be inactive, but if an offer is inactive, all offer links within this offer will be inactive and if an affiliate network is inactive, all its associated offers and offer links will also be inactive.
  2. Fallbacks: Cases where fallback will lead visitor to a blank page

    Random offer from campaign

    This is the default fallback setting in your campaign and it will redirect the visitor to one of the offer links set in your campaign.
    *Blank Page*
    If offer link is inactive
    if no offer link in campaign

    Custom URL:
    If URL syntax is broken visitor will reach blank page

    Global Campaign:
    If this option is chosen, TrackingDesk will fallback the visitor to one of the active offer links in your TrackingDesk account. TrackingDesk will search an offer link that matches the campaign settings - Geo-Target and Category. If campaign is limited to one or several affiliate networks, TrackingDesk will search among offer links within those affiliate networks.
    *Blank Page*
    In all cases where no matching offer links are found, the visitor will be reaching a BLANK PAGE.

    If this option is selected, all visitors not matching the campaign settings will reach a blank page..
  3. Other errors

    Targeting Rules
    If you apply certain targeting rules and the visitor(s) are not suitable, the fallback doesn't find an offer link to redirect the visitor to.

    Limit campaign to specific affiliate networks: In that case, the specified fallback will try to find an offer link within the specified affiliate network.

    Specific category: The Fallback doesn't find an offer link matching both the geo-target and the category.

    Call To Action (CTA) URL: You setup a campaign where you promote a landing page and you click on the CTA without initially clicking on the campaign URL. 

Note: Once you have setup a campaign, the settings are pushed through the TD infrastructure and is being cached. Therefore, campaign settings can take from seconds to 2-3 minute to refresh and be active.

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