Etoro Partners can be integrated within TrackingDesk, but their URL structure differs from the regular format, so you need to be meticulous when configuring the integration.

  1. Add An affiliate network
  2. No need to change the subid's and query string - leave them as they are by default. 
  3. Add an offer and its properties, then add the conversion steps you wish to track / according to the deal you have with eToro. The Postback URL have the same format but need to be updated with the correct postback parameter.

Default Postback URL{event_id}&a={amount}&_tdhop=1

Updated Postback URL 

  • {event_id} is replaced with ##SerialID##
  • {amount} can be replaced with ##DepositAmount## - Since the deposit amount is not the commission amount, the number that you will see there will not reflect the reality of your commission, so we do not recommend to use it.

4. Configure your postback URL's for each of the conversion steps you wish to track and send the postback URL's to your affiliate manager.

5. Add your offer links: this is the tricky part as eToro doesn't add the {event_id} at the end of the URL, but in the middle of the URL. 

eToro regular offer link:

eToro offer link with the custom parameter (they call it serial){event_id}.aspx

In Etoro Partners interface, you can produce your offer links with the {event_id}. Pay attention to the fact that when you add {event_id} in the eToro interface, the page refreshes and changes {event_id} to {event-id}. If you don't change it back when you add your offer links in TrackingDesk, the tracking will not work. 

If you work on revshare with Etoro, you will need to import manually your conversions / revenues through the import tool (available in your TrackingDesk account page).

To see the list of event_id's that generated commissions, you will need to go to your eToro reports, select the relevant breakdown data and follow the import conversion process.

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