Affiliate networks can be integrated in TrackingDesk according to different criteria and options.
Regardless of the integration methods, the tracking methods and mechanisms that allow you to track your conversions and performances will always follow the same logic. 

The Tracking Flow:

A. Affiliate link provided by the affiliate program

B. TrackingDesk appends subid to the affiliate link

C. Upon conversion the affiliate network fires the TrackingDesk Postback URL with the subid: 23123213123213123$

D. TrackingDesk records the  conversion and associates it with the campaign that generated the subid

What needs to be setup and configured in order for the tracking to take place:

a. The affiliate network subid parameter - Affiliate networks use their own method, syntax and format which need to be mapped. 

b. The placeholder of the subid in the TrackingDesk postback URL.

Predefined Affiliate Networks:
We have predefined hundreds of affiliate networks in TrackingDesk so you can  select them from the the drop down menu. Subsequently, all subid's as well as postback URL's will be formatted to match the Affiliate networks requirements. 

a. Subid is formatted
b. Postback as well as conversion type (CPA, CPL, CPS) is formatted

Predefined tracking technologies:
Affiliate management platform providers are used by affiliate networks to run their business. Cake, HasOffers or OffersLook are some of the popular affiliate management platforms to name a few.
They will always follow the same tracking patterns and therefore, adding affiliate networks that are not predefined but run on one of the predefined affiliate platform technologies is almost similar as adding a predefined affiliate network. 

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