Impact Radius is transforming the way advertisers handle media and performance marketing partnerships. Our natively integrated suite of products enables digital brands and agencies to maximize their return on global ad spend by providing a single trusted view into the consumer journey from ad impression through acquisition – across all devices and channels.

In TrackingDesk

1. Add an affiliate network

2. Select Impact Radius from the drop down menu

Optional settings: SubId2, SubId3

  • You can update the source and campaign_name values, with other parameters sent by the Traffic Source.
  • You can remove those parameters if you don't want to send additional parameters

3. Save  - In the lower left side of the screen, your global Postback URL will be displayed.

Copy  the postback URL in your clipboard

4. Navigate to Impact Radius > Settings > Technical Settings > Event Notifications
Edit the "Action Life Cycle Events"
5. Paste the TrackingDesk postback URL
NB: Don't modify the parameters as they have been predefined according to Impact Radius requirements.
6. Select the "Get" option
7. Save the Postback (see illutration below)

8. Return to TrackingDesk
9. Add / configure your offer
10. Add / configure  your offer link
NB: You do not need to add the custom parameters since we append them automatically for each click. The offer link should look like

11. Save the offer link and you're done.

How to integrate an ImpactRadius Deep Link in TrackingDesk.
Let's say you are promoting LeadPages and you want to feature their Integration Pages. 

You need to append the following URL after the offer link


Final offer link:

How to verify that the event_id is being appended to the offer link.

1. Create a campaign
2. Add the offer link in the campaign
3. Hit the campaign URL.
4. Open the subid reports in ImpactRadius

5. Generate a report

If you don't have an Impact Radius account you should check them out as they are one of the top affiliate networks!

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