Reporo is a new predefined traffic source we added to the system. You can select it from the Traffic Source drop down menu.

Rather you choose it from the predefined list or custom setup, here are the macros string you should set/have when creating the traffic source.

Your postback link that you got from Reporo should be modifed as follow:*TS_conversion_ID*&rpo=*payout*

The *TS_conversion_ID* placeholder, operates as alias var1 which means that the {rcid} (the unique clickid of the conversion) will be sent back to Reporo using the postback.

"rpo" variable represents the payout of each conversion you wish to send back to Reporo.

Copy the modified postback above and paste it in the designated field and save. (make sure to click on the activation button to activate the postback function)

Each campaign you assign to this traffic source will have all the macro string variables in it.


This is a campaign URL that you need to use in Reporo.

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