TrackingDesk is designed to organize your affiliate networks, offers and offer links that you wish to promote. Nowadays, there are few affiliate software providers which dominate the industry. Hasoffers, Cake and Linktrust to name a few.
Networks running on those software will have in most cases, the very same tracking settings. To simplify your account setup and configuration, we have predefined the settings of those affiliate software and many of the popular affiliate networks that run with them.

Predefined affiliate networks: Minimum configuration setup

  • Tracking parameters are predefined
  • Conversion PostBack URL's and/or image pixels are predefined

When adding an affiliate network, you will find a drop down menus where you can find:

  • Affiliate Networks
  • Tracking Technologies

Dozens affiliate networks are predefined, and if you don't find the one you need to, but you do know the software they run on, you can simply select the software and the tracking parameters will be automatically set. 

The following affiliate technologies are integrated:

  1. Hasoffers
  2. Cake Marketing
  3. LinkTrust
  4. CellXpert
  5. IncomeAccess
  6. Mexos (Playtech)
  7. AffTrack
  8. AppsFlyer
  9. Offerslook

Each affiliate technology enables TrackingDesk to pass our tracking parameter (event_id) by following a different syntax. Therefore, once a technology is selected, the relevant parameter is predefined (i.e.: s1, subid_1, sid etc..). This enables us to append event_id to the offer links.

For example: PeerFly Affiliate network

PeerFly allows affiliates to append up to 3 custom variables to their offer links. Once Peerfly is selected from the predefined list, the parameters appear.

  • s1 which is associated with the {event_id} (mandatory)
  • s2 which you can associate with a traffic source variable ex Keyword (optional)
  • s3 which you can associate with a traffic source variable ex source (optional)

The PeerFly Offer links are provided in this format:

The tracking template is automatically applied to the offer link to ensure tracking:{event_id}&s2={keyword}&s3={source}

Upon click, TrackingDesk injects the variables into the placeholders

To understand the Affiliate Network Setup, you need to understand the hierarchy:

  1. Affiliate Network = Where the tracking configuration will take place. Ex: ClickBank, ClickSure,
  2. Offer = An offer is normally promoted by an affiliate network. Ex:, FriendFinder are offers that can be found under
  3. Offer link = a tracking link provided by the affiliate program, that will redirect visitors to the offer. ex. :

NB: You can have multiple offers under one affiliate network and multiple offer links under one offer.

To add an affiliate network follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the "Affiliate Networks" tab and click the Add New button
Step 2: Type in the name of the affiliate network or select it from the list of predefined affiliate network (If the affiliate network is predefined, the tracking technology will be automatically selected).

Step 3: If the affiliate network isn't predefined, select the affiliate technology (if you don't have this information, contact your affiliate manager).

Step 4: Add an offer by clicking the 'Add Offer' button on the right.

Step 5: Add your offer
It is important to follow the steps and add the correct settings so you can take advantage of the GEO-Target capabilities as well as the smart fallback options.

  1. Set a name.
  2. Set a category.
  3. Set a geo target (supports multiple geo).
  4. Add a conversion step and define the revenue type (you don't need to set a rate since the postback URL can capture the commission value automatically.
  5. Add another conversion if the offer has multiple conversion steps.
  6. Copy the conversion URL so you can add it in your affiliate account
  7. Save the offer.

After saving your offer a pop up will prompt you to add an offer link.

  1. Set a name.
  2. Select a country (supports multiple countries).
  3. Select the category.
  4. Add the offer link provided by the affiliate program
    you don't need to add the custom parameter as the offer link will automatically inherit this setting from the affiliate network tracking template. For instance if the link provided is you should add the link like this:
  5. Set the Call To Action setting
  6. Set advanced settings - for campaign targeting rules.
  7. Save
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