Importing several offer links simultaneously is a very useful feature for users working with many offers and affiliate programs and will save you many hours of tedious work.

To import offer links you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the 'Affiliate Networks' tab.
  2. Select and edit the affiliate network you wish to import offer links to.
  3. Choose which import you'd like to perform: Offers & offer links or Offer links

4. A window will appear from which you can download an Excel / CSV file carrying the relevant import format.

The CSV file carries 7 columns as you can see below:

  • "creative_reserved" - Leave this column empty
  • "creative_name". ex.: iPhone contest
  • "creative_url". ex.:
  • "creative_status". Set "1" for active and "0' for inactive.
  • "creative_countries". ex.: FR, CH, BE. If a offer link can be used in multiple countries separate the country codes with a the sign "|" and space before and after - See image above. Click here to see the list of ISO country codes.
  • "creative categories". ex.: Dating, Gambling, Hosting, Software, Health. (multiple categories should be added as previously done for the country).
  • "creative_callToAction". Set it to "1" if its a call to action or "0" if it's not.

5. Once the file is ready, you should save it as CSV and then upload it.

Once the offer links have been imported you should scroll all the way down the page and click on 'Save Affiliate network' and repeat this process if necessary.

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