MaxBounty is a very popular affiliate network with thousands of offers and even more tracking links. One simple way to avoid tracking issues is to set up server to server (postback) tracking on their system so that TrackingDesk gets instant notifications (and payout) for every lead or sale that you generate for them.

NB: MaxBounty refers to the postback URL, or server to server tracking, or server to server pixel as: CallBack.

Step #1 Add MaxBounty  in TrackingDesk:

1. Go to the 'Affiliate Network' section.
2. Pull the 'Predefined Affiliate Network' drop down menu and select 'Maxbounty'.
3. Hit the 'Save Affiliate Network' button.

B. Add an offer

Since an offer can be promote with several offer links, you need to first add the offer, and then add the associated links. 

  • Set the offer name and settings: category, geo target.
  • Conversion Goal - Is set by default to CPA.
    Note: After saving the offer you will be able to copy/paste the offer postback URL. If you want to use the Global Postback URL, you can save and add your offer link. After saving the offer link you will be redirected to the Affiliate Network Global Settings to copy / paste your Global Postback URL

Step #3 Add the MaxBounty Offer link

- Login to your Maxbounty account and search for the offer

  • Login to your Maxbounty account and select the offer you want to promote
  • Select the Contextual creative link
  • Copy The offer Link provided by Maxbounty:
  • Paste the offer link in TrackingDesk offer link settings
  • Select the Default account CallBack option

Step #4: To set the Postback URL in MaxBounty

  • Go to your profile page
  • Edit your profile and scroll down to the CallBack settings
  • Copy your TrackingDesk postback URL from the Maxbounty affiliate network settings (in TrackingDesk).
  • Select the default callback type
  • Paste the postback URL
  • Save your MaxBounty settings
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